Katrena Rochell
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Katrena Rochell is an an independent, freelance filmmaker. She is based out of London and Nashville, TN with over 12 years experience in the film industry. Katrena Rochell has worked all over the world. Her assignments have included work in Egypt, Dubai, Palestine, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and America. She has produced: Feature Films Documentaries News, Interviews Corporate Assignments Commercials Music Videos Online Content Her experience includes: Acting Directing Script development Raising financing through private investment Using locale specific tax credits (both in the USA & UK) Production (Pre and Post) Camera work Editing Distribution (including the gathering of deliverables for both physical and online release) Marketing Social Media Traditional Marketing Platforms Providing deliverables I have the contacts and skills to arrange: Locations / Location scouting Casting Filming permits Film & TV crews Equipment Accommodations Catering Transportation She has the tenacity to finish projects with a high standard of quality while also coming in under budget. Katrena has worked with large crews on large sets as well as completing projects completely on my own. Katrena Rochell understands a production’s needs and the budget required to meet those needs. Katrena can give a realistic view on what is feasible and what is not for a given budget, while also recommending the most cost-effective ways of working in both domestically and abroad. Katrena's work as a director is characterized by a mix of rigorous artistic direction, cinematographic aesthetics, and a solid sense of narrative. As a cinematographer she is particularly skilled at hand-held, cinema verite style shooting. Much of her Films blurs the line between fiction and documentary. I prefer this method as I love the intimacy with the subjects/characters it provides. Katrena is able to capture a direct and natural-feeling view of the world through my lens. Katrena Rochell worked as an actor for many years appearing in films such as Kick-Ass and Lotus Eaters before turning to producing. She studied acting for a combined 10 years in LA’s Meisner Center & London’s The Actor’s Temple. In addition to producing, directing, cinematography, and acting, Katrena has experience in the entire post-production process including editing. I am knowledgeable in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and with additional familiarity in other major applications, systems, codecs and protocols required in modern digital post-production workflows.
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I am an Independent Freelance Film Maker,  Camera Operator and Producer based out of  Nashville & London. I have knowledge in all aspects of  filmmaking  specializing in digital filmmaking & production. I have experience  covering everything from Feature Film & Documentaries to music videos, commercials  and online content. I have worked across four continents.

Filming on set in Clifton TN

Assembling highly creative and efficient casts & crews worldwide.  A finesse for cultivating excellence and a fortitude for getting things done.

Camera Person

A keen eye with a special focus on hand held, cinéma vérité cinematography.


A unique perspective of the World driven by a passion for telling people’s stories.  Bringing that vision to the director’s chair whether it be first or second unit work.


I have work experience in Europe, Africa,  the Middle East & America.  I have many contacts throughout these regions and “the know how” to get things done!


I can deliver raw footage or a  full editing package, including colour grading and titling. Whatever your needs may be,  I’ll prepare and deliver footage to a high standard.

Katrena Rochell

I travel light and work fast.  I can be on location very quickly. I prefer  intimate shoots. I am committed to doing whatever needs to be done to create the best results.