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Katrena Rochell is an Independent Freelance Film Maker, Camera Operator and Producer based out of Nashville & London. She has knowledge in all aspects of filmmaking specializing in digital filmmaking & production. She has experience covering everything from Feature Film & Documentaries to music videos, commercials and online content. She has filmed across four continents.
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I am an Independent Freelance Film Maker,  Camera Operator and Producer based out of  Nashville & London. I have knowledge in all aspects of  filmmaking  specializing in digital filmmaking & production. I have experience  covering everything from Feature Film & Documentaries to music videos, commercials  and online content. I have worked across four continents.

Filming on set in Clifton TN

Assembling highly creative and efficient casts & crews worldwide.  A finesse for cultivating excellence and a fortitude for getting things done within the  budget.

Pankhurst London Bentley Film
Camera Person

A keen eye with a special focus on hand held, cinéma vérité cinematography.


A unique perspective of the World driven by a passion for telling people’s stories.  Bringing that vision to the director’s chair whether it be first or second unit work.


I have work experience in Europe, Africa,  the Middle East & America.  I have many contacts throughout these regions and “the know how” to get things done!


I can deliver raw footage or a  full editing package, including colour grading and titling. Whatever your needs may be,  I’ll prepare and deliver footage to a high standard.

Katrena Rochell

I travel light and work fast.  I can be on location very quickly. I prefer  intimate shoots. I am committed to doing whatever needs to be done to create the best results.